Outer cannula without inner cannula

Outer cannula with one inner cannula

Outer cannula with two inner cannulas

Outer cannula with three inner cannulas

Outer cannula including 15 mm-connector (UNI)

Outer cannula including 22 mm-connector (KOMBI)

Outer cannula including 15 mm-swivel connector (VARIO)

Stoma button

LINGO - several small fenestration holes in a specific arrangement in the center of the tube, is referred to as „sieve“

Outer cannula fenestrated

Outer cannula with a slit

With low-pressure cuff (CUFF)

With suction device (SUCTION)

Speaking valve (PHON)

Inner cannula with low profile

Inner cannula with 15 mm-connector (UNI)

Inner cannula with 15 mm-swivel connector (VARIO)

Inner cannula with 22 mm-connector (KOMBI)

Inner cannula fenestrated

Inner cannula sieve-fenestrated

With oxygen support

Length short

Length medium

Length XL

MRT suitable

Specially for children (PED)

For artificial ventilation