Emergency Aids
Emergency Aids


REF: 48006

Complete Set for the oxygenization of laryngectomized patients in case of emergency

  • 1x LARYVOX® SOS safe-mask: Emergency ventilation mask for laryngectomees
  • 1x LARYVOX® Tweezers: To remove encrustations from the tracheostoma
  • 1x LARYVOX® Connect: Connects the 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) of the SOS safe-mask with a 15 mm connector (UNI) of e.g. a tracheostomy tube
  • 5x LARYVOX® O2 Connect: With multiadapter; to be connected to the LARYVOX® Tape base plate with 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) or to a tracheostomy tube with 15 mm connector (UNI). The oxygen supply port allows the administration of extra oxygen.
  • 5x LARYVOX® O2 HME:Heat and moisture exchanger with low profile and pressure-free finger closing option and oxygen supply port to administer extra oxygen
  • 5x LARYVOX® Tape Comfort XL Oval: Base plate with strong adhesive strength and an extra-large surface, with 22 mm adapter (KOMBI)
  • 1x Oxygen connection tube
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Scope of delivery
<p>1x&nbsp; LARYVOX® SOS SAFE-MASK<br /> 1x&nbsp; LARYVOX® TWEEZERS<br /> 1x&nbsp; LARYVOX® CONNECT<br /> 5x&nbsp; LARYVOX® O2 CONNECT<br /> 5x&nbsp; LARYVOX® O2 HME<br /> 5x&nbsp; LARYVOX® TAPE COMFORT / XL OVAL<br /> 1x&nbsp; OXYGEN CONNECTING TUBE</p>
Order information
<p><strong>LARYVOX® EMERGENCY-SET Laryngectomy </strong><br /> PZN 10536546<br /> <strong>REF 48006</strong></p>
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