HME filter cassettes
HME filter cassettes

LARYVOX® TOUCH HME HighFlow - silver

Filter cassette with speaking option

REF: 49850-03
  • Heat and Moisture Exchanger with low-pressure finger-occlusion facility
  • Combines the advantages of an HME with hygienic finger occlusion and an appealing design
  • HighFlow HME with low respiratory resistance and particularly suitable in the case of strong physical exertion and for new HME users
  • The HME is covered by a sealing plate to assure plane occlusion of the HME during speech
  • The sealing plate closes even at a very low pressure of the finger, even it the pressure is not in a perfectly centric position
  • The sealing plate is covered by a large plastic cover to exclude any potential contamination of the finger by secretions or vice versa any potential contamination of the HME by microbial contamination of the finger
  • The inhaled/exhaled air enters/escapes through lateral openings positioned at the side of the HME
  • Therefore no adhesion of bibs or clothing to the HME during inhalation
  • HME with 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to be used with all LARYVOX® Tape Base Plates or other Base Plate Systems with 22 mm adapter
  • LARYVOX® TOUCH HME HighFlow available in 5 different colours: blue metallic, gold, silver, beige, clear
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<b>LARYVOX® TOUCH HME HighFlow - silver</b><br />HMV<br />PZN 11298994<br /><b>REF 49850-03</b>
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