Inhalation & Air humidification
Inhalation & Air humidification

Nebulizer-Set with aerosolmask



REF: 51210-L/51220-XL
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  • The set consists of nebulizer and aerosol mask
  • The set can be used at constant power, both vertically and at an angle
  • The aerosol mask is easy to adjust
  • FAHL® Nebulizer-Set with aerosolmask is a single-patient product and intended for single use
  • Furthermore, the set is available in two different sizes (L and XL)
  • Inhalation of steam, medications and other inhalants approved for use in inhalation therapy is possible
  • The use for compressed air operated inhalation devices is possible
Order information

FAHL® Nebulizer-Set with aerosolmask L
PZN 16797414
REF 51210-L


FAHL® Nebulizer-Set with aerosolmask XL
PZN 16797443
REF 51220-XL

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