Inhalation & Air humidification
Inhalation & Air humidification


Steam inhalator


REF: 50500
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  • NEBUSTEAM® Inhaler can be used for: steam inhalation with water-soluble inhalation agents (for example, saline solutions or herb extracts), steam inhalation without additives and steam inhalation with ethereal oils.
  • Use NEBUJUNIOR® Bear for inhalation to improve your secretion management
  • NEBUSTEAM® Inhaler can easily be disassembled into the individual components for maintenance and cleaning.
  • By means of the variable steam regulator, the amount of steam can be adjusted. A low amount of steam/level 1 is ideally suited for inhalation via the nose. An elevated amount of steam/level 2 is ideally suited for inhalation via the mouth/the tracheostoma.
  • The inhalation of steam results in optimal humidification of the respiratory tract, which pleasantly revents irritation of the tracheostoma, soothes breathing difficulties, and ensures gentle healing.
  • Set includes one tracheostomy mask and three different face masks.
Technical Data
Input voltage AC 230V, 50Hz
Power consumption max. 300 Watt
Heater tank capacity 25ml
Aromatherapy-/condensate tank 80 ml
Measuring Cup Capacity 25ml
Operation period permanent operation
Operation time  ≥6 minutes
Water boiling time about 60 seconds
Steam Temperature (Ideal) 38 ~ 43 ℃, ± 1 ℃
Operating temperature 10˚C to 40˚C (50˚F to 104˚F)
Relative humidity (operation) 10 to 95% RH
Storage temperature -20˚C to 70˚C (-4˚F to 158˚F) 
Relative humidity (storage) 10 to 95 % RH
Housing dimensions 212 x 199 x 105 mm (8,35” x 7,83” x 4,13”)
Weight  820g (1,8Lbs)
Standard accessories tracheostomy mask; large face mask; medium-sized face mask; small face mask; measuring beaker; aromatherapy-/condensate tank
Device class Type B
Protection class  II
Scope of delivery

1x tracheostomy mask; 1x large face mask; 1x medium-sized face mask; 1x small face mask; 1x measuring beaker; 1x aromatherapy-/condensate tank

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NEBUSTEAM® Steam inhalator
REF 50500

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