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  • LARYVOX® PAD is a self-adhesive sealing plate made of soft, skin-coloured medical silicone
  • It is used to align the skin level of an irregular tracheostoma that is situated below the skin level and thus creates a flatter surface for the fixation of a base plate
  • The conical air channel centres the air flow through the HME during exhalation and the pressure on the base plate is minimized (particularly suitable for wearers of free-hand speech valves)
  • The skin around the tracheostoma is less irritated and the seal makes voice expression easier
  • Following medical consultation, LARYVOX® PAD can also be used as a seal between the tracheostoma and tracheostomy tube
  • Due to its material properties and ergonomic shape, the LARYVOX® PAD adapts to the skin around the tracheostoma as well as to the shield of the tracheostomy tube used
  • The plano-convex shape of the LARYVOX® PAD ensures high quality sealing and at the same time provides cushioning between the tracheostomy tube and the tracheostoma
  • In addition to reduced leakage of secretion, the lateral flow of breathing air can also be minimised and at the same time, the tracheostomy tube can be stabilised in the tracheostoma
  • This makes LARYVOX® PAD suitable for ventilated patients as well as for improving phonation, e.g. when wearing a shunt valve
  • HME filters with 22 mm connectors can be used in combination with a base plate (e.g. LARYVOX® EXTRA HME)
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