Set for cleaning of tracheostomy tubes

REF: 31011

OPTIBRUSH® CONT Cleaning Box (REF 31200):

  • With a large diameter to allow cleaning of standard tracheostomy tubes.
  • The Cleaning Box contains a removable sieve insert which allows the tracheostomy tube to be gently agitated in the cleaning solution

OPTIBRUSH® CLEAN Cleaning Powder (REF 31110 / 100 g):

  • Including measuring spoon for easy and accurate preparation of the cleaning solution
  • Simply dissolve in warm tap water
  • For a thorough but gentle removal of blood and secretion from tracheostomy tubes

OPTIBRUSH® Cleaning Brushes (REF 31850-08 and REF 31850-10):

  • 2 pieces each of the two most common sizes 08 and 10, i.e altogether 4 pieces
  • OPTIBRUSH® Cleaning Brushes are flexible and have a rounded tip to avoid
  • scratching of the soft tracheostomy tube material
  • The OPTIBRUSH® Cleaning Brushes are single patient use products, i.e. they can be re-used by any individual patient

All components of this kit are separately available

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<p>OPTIBRUSH<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;CONT (REF 31200); OPTIBRUSH<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;CLEAN (REF 31110 / 100g); OPTIBRUSH<sup>®</sup> (REF 31850-08 und REF 31850-10)</p>
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<p><strong>OPTIBRUSH<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;SET</strong><br /> HMV<br /> <strong>REF 31011</strong></p>
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