LARYVOX® Starter Set


REF: 48810
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Choose your perfect LARYVOX® HME und TAPE with this set. Contents:

  • LARYVOX® TAPE: 5 x 3 pieces, different types, oval and rectangular shape, for different types of tracheostomas with different skin characteristics
  • LARYVOX® HME: 15 pieces, low profile, inconspicuous, skin coloured, with stable ring housing for finger occlusion, with low respiratory resistance
  • LARYVOX® HME HighFlow: 15 pieces, low profile, discreet design, skin coloured, with stable plastic housing for low pressure finger occlusion with low respiratory resistance
  • LARYVOX® SECUTRACH® shower guard: 1 piece, with multiadaptor to connect to 15 mm connectors (UNI) (e.g. tracheostomy tubes) as well as to 22 mm adapters (KOMBI) (e.g. LARYVOX® TAPE)
  • OPTIGARD® Skin Protection Film: 15 pieces, for preparative skin care when using Laryvox base plates, helps to protect the skin against irritations and increases the adhesive power of the base plate (e.g. LARYVOX® TAPE)
  • OPTICLEAR® Adhesive Remover: 15 pieces, to quickly and gently remove residual skin adhesives after the removal of the base plate (e.g. LARYVOX® TAPE)
Scope of delivery
  • 5 x 3 LARYVOX® TAPE oval / rectangular
  • 15x OPTICLEAR®
  • 15x OPTIGARD®
  • 15x LARYVOX® HME
  • 15x LARYVOX® HME HighFlow
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LARYVOX® Starter Set 
REF 48810

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