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Speech aids & Voice amplifiers

Blom-Singer® ElectroLarynx Digital Speech Aid

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REF: EL1000
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  • Convenient and functional speech aid for laryngectomy patients
  • Easy to use with its light weight
  • The speech aid is placed on the user's throat and generates sound waves that are transmitted to the tonsil, mouth and nasal regions via a membrane
  • The vibrations are transformed by natural voice movements and form an understandable synthetic voice
  • Tone settings and volume control can be adjusted by the user to an ideal level for the requirements with the easily accessible dials
  • If an attachment at the throat or base of the mouth is not possible due to surgery or radiation, an oral adapter is included
  • The oral adapter is placed at the corner of the mouth and transmit the sound directly into the oral cavity via a short tube
  • The electrolarynx speech aid does not need a special charger and is poweredby a standard 9 volt battery
  • The included carry strap makes it easier to carry the speech aid
Scope of delivery

1x Blom-Singer® ElectroLarynx Digital Speech Aid
1x 9V block batteries
1x Oral adapter
1x Carrying strap
1x Battery Compartment

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Blom-Singer® ElectroLarynx Digital Speech Aid
REF EL1000

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