Tracheal suction devices
Tracheal suction devices

Stoma catheter Metric L - 50 cm - steril

Suction catheter; CH 6 - 18


REF: 68000
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  • Stoma catheters for suctioning tracheal secretions
  • Made of soft, flexible and transparent plastic
  • With central opening and two lateral openings (“eyes”) at the tip to avoid adherence to the trachea
  • With grading in 1 cm increments to facilitate control of the insertion depth
  • Wide range of sizes (CH 6 - 18)
  • Colour coded connectors
  • Length: 50 cm
  • To be used with the TRACHFLOW® Finger-Tip, to control the suction power.
  • The TRACHFLOW® Finger-Tip is connected between the suction device and the sterile stoma catheter.
  • One size fits all sizes of stoma catheters.
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Stoma catheter Metric L - 50 cm
CH 6-16

REF 68000

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