Tracheal suction devices
Tracheal suction devices


Suction device 24 L


REF: 67600
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  • Particularly lightweight suction device (2.2 kg) for domestic and hospital use for patients with normal levels of secretion production
  • The electric swing-piston pump provides a suction power of 24 l/min and a maximum vacuum of up to 0.76 bar
  • Including secretion container with a capacity of 1.000 ml
  • Bacterial filter - prevents microorganisms and secretions from penetrating into the device
  • Air filter - prevents microorganisms and secretions from being blown out of the device, and thus serves to protect the users
  • The TRACHEOFIRST® COMPACT can also be operated via the 12V car adapter in the car
  • Suction catheters have to be ordered seperately
  • Portable version / inclusive battery available: TRACHEOPORT® COMPACT
Technical Data
Suction power 24 l/min ± 2 l/min
Max. vacuum -76 kPa* ( -760 mbar; -570 mmHg) ± 4kPa
Secretion container 1.000 ml
Suction tube length: 1.80 m; diameter: 6 mm

Power supply
(battery charger)

100-240 Vac (+/- 10%)
Voltage frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions(HxWxD) 213 x 364 x 175 mm
Weight approx. 2.2 kg
Scope of delivery

1x TRACHEOFIRST® COMPACT incl. secretion container with lid
1x Bacterial filter
2x Connecting tubes for bacterial filter
5x Air filter
1x Suction tube, approx. 1.80 m Long (incl. clip)
1x Fingertip
1x Battery charger / 2-pole (100-240 V~ 50-60 HZ)
1x Mains connection (2-pole 230V)
1x 12V car adapter
1x Transport case

Order information

PZN 11220319
REF 67600

Bacterial filter for suction devices
REF 60800

Air filter
REF 50000-07

Suction tube with fingertip, approx. length 1.30 m
REF 60506

Instruction for use

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