Tracheostoma Protection
Tracheostoma Protection


4,8 x 6,7 cm

REF: 45972
  • Adhesive foam filter for laryngectomized patients to provide cover and protection 
    for the tracheostoma
  • It further humidifies, filters and warms the inhaled air to a certain degree
  • Its rounded shape assures an excellent fit on the tracheostoma
  • The circular uninterrupted adhesive stripe assures a tight fit to the tracheostoma 
    without any gaps; thus the foam of LARYTAPE® assumes the function of an HME with mechanical protection from dust particles or insects as well as to retain the exhaled humidity and warmth
  • The adhesive strength may further be enhanced by use of the 
    OPTIGARD® protective dressing wipe (REF 33600)
  • Comes in different sizes (large L and small S) and in an inconspicuous beige skin colour
  • LARYTAPE® TOUCH with push button to facilitate finger occlusion of the
    tracheostoma when speaking with a voice prosthesis
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<p>Pack of 10</p>
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<p><strong>LARYTAPE<sup>®</sup>&nbsp;TOUCH L</strong><br /> 4,8 x 6,7 cm<br /> HMV<br /> PZN 11299195<br /> <strong>REF 45972</strong></p>
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