Tracheostoma Protection
Tracheostoma Protection


min. 20 cm

REF: 43301
  • Turtleneck to cover and protect the tracheostoma of laryngectomized and tracheostomized patients
  • Soft cotton jersey
  • High degree of air permeability – no heavy sweating
  • Pleasantly light – does not show up under clothing
  • Filters, humidifies and warms the inspired air
  • The standing collar is elastic throughout and therefore extremely stretchy. This provides a comfortable fit and adjusts to different neck sizes.
  • The special design makes a separate fastener system unnecessary (unlike conventional protective turtlenecks)
  • Alternatively the TRACHEOTEX® Shirt is also available made of knitted fabric: TRACHEOTEX® ROLLI, REF 43300 (cf separate data sheet)
  • Many colour variants (cf colour sample card – available as extra brochure)
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<p><strong>TRACHEOTEX® Shirt</strong><br /> min. 20 cm<br /> HMV<br /> PZN 02185067<br /> <strong>REF 43301</strong></p> <p><a href="t3://file?uid=6667" title="Opens internal link in new window">Please specify the colour number&nbsp;when ordering (see&nbsp;colour sample card)!</a></p>
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Product Datasheet

Colour sample card