Tracheostoma Protection
Tracheostoma Protection

SECUTRACH® Shower guard


REF: 47000
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  • To prevent ingress of water into the trachea during showering
  • Air openings with large diameters located in the lower area of the cap to prevent ingress of water while providing sufficient air to allow breathing without anxiety
  • Sides of the cap have a thin protective edge which fits seamlessly to the skin, thereby optimizing the protection against the ingress of water
  • Flexible and soft material allows the SECUTRACH® shower guard to adapt comfortably even to difficult and uneven neck anatomies
  • Integrated struts enable the SECUTRACH® shower guard to retain its shape and to prevent it from collapsing
  • Adjustable to different neck sizes


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SECUTRACH® Shower guard
PZN 04770781
REF 47000

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