Tracheostomy tube
Tracheostomy tube

FAHL® BIESALSKI 2 IC + Speaking valve

Size 4 - 12

REF: 17900
  • Tracheostomy tube with two inner cannulas (IC)
  • 15 mm connector, speaking valve and cough protection cap included as separate items; to be attached to the outer cannula alone, or to the combined inner/outer cannula set by twist lock security mechanism
  • Thermosensitive medical-grade material
  • Soft and pliable neck-flange
  • Special shape of tube allows generation of speech even though tube is not fenestrated (exhaled air will pass around tube)
  • 15 mm connector, neck-flange and inner cannulas colour coded:15 mm connector full colour, neck-flange and inner cannula with coloured dot
  • Speaking valve separately availbale (FAHL® BIESALSKI Speaking valve - REF 17901)
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<table class="contenttable contenttable-1"><tr><td>Size</td><td>Length (L / mm)</td><td>O.D. neck flange (mm)</td><td>O.D. tip (mm)</td><td>Angel ca.</td><td>I.D. O-cannula (mm)</td><td>I.D. I-cannula</td><td>REF</td></tr><tr><td>4,0</td><td>44,0</td><td>8,4</td><td>5,6</td><td>60°</td><td>4,0</td><td>2,3</td><td>17900-04</td></tr><tr><td>5,0</td><td>46,0</td><td>9,0</td><td>6,5</td><td>70°</td><td>5,0</td><td>3,3</td><td>17900-05</td></tr><tr><td>6,0</td><td>52,0</td><td>9,7</td><td>7,7</td><td>70°</td><td>6,0</td><td>3,9</td><td>17900-06</td></tr><tr><td>7,0</td><td>60,0</td><td>11,0</td><td>8,6</td><td>80°</td><td>7,0</td><td>5,0</td><td>17900-07</td></tr><tr><td>8,0</td><td>66,0</td><td>12,0</td><td>9,7</td><td>85°</td><td>8,0</td><td>5,9</td><td>17900-08</td></tr><tr><td>9,0</td><td>71,0</td><td>14,0</td><td>11,5</td><td>85°</td><td>9,0</td><td>7,0</td><td>17900-09</td></tr><tr><td>10,0</td><td>75,0</td><td>15,0</td><td>12,1</td><td>90°</td><td>10,0</td><td>7,9</td><td>17900-10</td></tr><tr><td>11,0</td><td>78,5</td><td>16,0</td><td>12,4</td><td>90°</td><td>11,0</td><td>9,2</td><td>17900-11</td></tr><tr><td>12,0</td><td>77,0</td><td>17,0</td><td>13,9</td><td>90°</td><td>12,0</td><td>9,8</td><td>17900-12</td></tr></table>

O.D. neck flange = Outer diameter behind the neck flange
O.D. Tip = Outer diameter of the outer tube at the tip of the cannula
I.D. = Inner diameter at the tip of the cannula
Length = Length over the outer curve
O-cannula = Outer cannula
I-cannula = Inner cannula

Scope of delivery
<p>Tube holder included: broad, adjustable, with adherent fastener.</p>
Order information
<p><strong>FAHL® BIESALSKI<br /> 2 IC + Speaking valve</strong><br /> Size 4 - 12<br /> HMV<br /> <strong>REF 17900</strong><br /> <br /> When ordering, please state the size after the item number!</p>
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