Diagnosis laryngeal cancer

The diagnosis "laryngeal cancer" is usually very sudden and unexpected. Your anxieties and worries are now all the greater, as are those of your relatives.

You will already receive considerable information during your first consultation with the treating physician and will be informed about the next steps and the major impending change to your life. It is therefore difficult to remember all the details at first.  The surgical opening of a hole in the neck for breathing, the "tracheostoma", and the changed airway are part of the body and will equally place new demands on you, your relatives and caregivers. Everyday things will suddenly have a new significance.

Natural humidifying, warming and filtering of respiratory air through the nose/mouth is no longer possible. Losses in sense of smell and taste are apparent. You lose your natural speech. This impairs important functions of the body or leads to their loss, and these need to be compensated.  It is not possible to restore these functions 100%, but there are aids and supportive means which provide effective support. Successful rehabilitation depends on many factors. 

One very important factor is your personal attitude. Receiving a devastating diagnosis between hope and fear is extremely demotivating. On the other hand, surgery was probably the only option in most cases to avoid further complications and prevent the risk to life. Try and view this approach as motivation and face the new challenges of daily life with conviction and energy.

Your most important aim should be not to fall into a sense of resignation. It will not be easy to adapt to the new situation, but there is considerable support available for you and your relatives. Others have experienced this blow of fate some time ago and made their experiences. For example, there are a number of self-help groups for the persons affected, in particular the Federal Association of Laryngectomised Patients and its regional associations. With their personal commitment, these self-help groups provide a valuable contribution to rehabilitation and offer helpful and understanding support. Being laryngectomised therefore does not automatically mean being alone or isolated.
Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH has now been active in this field for 25 years, and we would also like to contribute our know-how and many years of experience to help make your daily routines as comfortable and easy as possible. Our staff would be pleased to assist you personally before, during and of course, after treatment and to give you tips and help to return to an everyday routine as quickly as possible.

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